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The sport

Fencing is an Olympic sport during which the athlete tries to defeat the opponent with his sword, avoiding hitting himself. The training takes place in a closed room with special equipment and under the guidance of the coach.


Fencing improves most of the parameters of the physical condition, such as:

  • the speed,

  • the power,

  • explosiveness and

  • the muscular fitting.

The combination of technique and tactics exercises the spirit by increasing the attention and the ability to concentrate, exercises the quick thinking and the decision of reaction for the best result.

​Fencing Styles

Duel Sword

The Duel Sword is a descendant of the Duel Sword. It is the same length as the Exercise Sword, but it is heavier. In Duel Sword the whole body is a valid target and therefore does not need a special vest. Beats are recorded with signals from an electronic device.

Fencing_epee_valid_surfaces 1.png

The stroke closes an electrical circuit, activating a light signal (red or green for each opponent) and a characteristic sound from the camera for each stroke.

There is no priority of blows in the Duel Sword. The one who hits first wins a hit, but if they both hit together at the same time or within 25 cm of the second, they both win by one hit. It is considered a type of fencing that is primarily regular.


Fencing_saber_valid_surfaces 1.png

The sword is a modern transformation of the violent equestrian sword and has the same length and weight as the Exercise sword. The difference is in the strokes, which can be achieved with a hint but also with a sword, ie by touching the edge of the blade.

The target area is the whole body above the waist. In case of a simultaneous blow from both sides, the point does not belong to anyone.

Sword races are characterized by the explosiveness of the athletes, as the time required for each point, rarely exceeds 5-6 seconds and the duration of an entire race is close to two minutes of net time.

Exercise sword

Fencing_foil_valid_surfaces_2009 1_edited.png

The Exercise Sword has a flexible blade 110 cm long, rectangular in cross section, with a mechanical tip (pound) adapted to the edge, sensitive to 500 grams. The blows that are measured in the score are those that are made with the tip of the sword (hints) and touch the trunk of the body.

When the opponent's tip hits the vest, the pressure causes an electrical circuit to close and give a signal to the electronic device, which turns on a light and a  buzzer  and records the point.  As a sport, the training sword is particularly demanding in technique, speed and flexibility.

Important information

  • The club has started with the Sword Duel section ( épée ) and the other weapons may be added. 

  • Athletes are divided into classes depending on the age in children's, pre-competition and competition section.

  • Fencing equipment is provided for young people to start.

The team is waiting for you

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